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Olena Chepurna

I was born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine. As a translator and English teacher, I have always been interested in literature and journalism. I enrolled in a screenwriting school with an idea for a sitcom to learn English and an animated family movie. Inspired by my teacher, I decided to pursue a career as a screenwriter.
In 2014, I opened the Olena Chepurna Language School, having developed a methodology for teaching foreign languages based on movies, TV-Series, and scripts.
Now I work as a copywriter in the creative project "Kharkiv International Festival of Arts and Travels ArtTravel", freelance screenwriter, translator, and head of a language school.
My screenplays take part in international competitions on the Coverfly, Filmfreeway, ISA etc. platforms.

I got the following education:
In 2023, I graduated from the LONDON CENTRAL FILM SCHOOL (London), the class of screenwriter and director Nico Tatatarowicz;
In 2021, I graduated from the DRAMATURGY AND SCREENWRITING SCHOOL "SCENARIST UA" (Kharkiv), the class of Anna Kurinnaya, Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor and screenwriter.
In 2021, I graduated from the COURSES FOR TV PRESENTERS AND JOURNALISTS FROM THE STARS OF KHARKIV TELEVISION (Kharkiv), the class of Igor Zhukov, a journalist and TV presenter;
In 2008, I graduated from the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Department of Business Foreign Language. Specialty: "Translator of English and German"; Master's degree.


  • Illustration

    Novel "Wish Granting Factory" Screenplay for the feature movie "Wish Granting Factory" based on the novel

    Audience: from 7 years

    LoglineA runaway teenager, dreaming of changing some event in his past, which he believes, ruined his life, accidentally gets to the Wish Granting Factory and makes his wish fulfilled. Consequences lead to unexpected results.
    The script received awards in the category of The Best Fantasy Screenplay:● winner: Best Script Award - London, UK (2023)● quarter-finalist: Table Read My Scenarist Competition, USA (2023)● quarter-finalist: Missouri Stories Scriptwriting Fellowship, USA (2022)
    How I created the storyI wrote the story about the Wish Granting Factory in 2012 when I was living in Kansas City. I was really impressed by Kansas City Public Library (which looks like a giant bookshelf), so I decided that the events of my story have to take place in this unique location. Then I got back to Ukraine and didn’t write for a while. Ten years later I entered a screenwriting school and wrote a script for an animated Christmas movie, based on this story. Hope, you will enjoy it.

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    Novel "The Black Mask"Screenplay for the short movie "The Black Mask" based on the novel

    Audience from 13 years

    LoglineA young millionaire sees a performance of a mysterious operasinger, wearing a black mask and gloves. He gets obsessed with finding out how she looks. He eventually gets to meet her in person, but while getting closer to seeing her face, he is not quite sure if he wants to.
    How I created the story
    I wrote this screenplay while I was studying in Central Film School in London (the class of Nico Tatarowicz) and got really inspired by the question what if….?What if the opera singer wore a mask and nobody has ever seen her face? What is the price of success? Is it great not being recognized on the streets? Tried to answer these questions in my script.I would appreciate the comments on the grammar because English is not my native language.The tagline: “She lives on the stage and plays in life”.Thank you for reading.

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    Cooking book for children "Gragon the Donut and his Cooking School"

    Audience from 3 years

    A culinary guide for preschool and school-aged children, their parents, and grandparents, which contains only tasty and healthy recipes adapted for cooking with a child.
    How I created this book
    I wrote this book for my daughter Violette, because we love cooking together. In order for children to be interested in reading this book, I made it in the form of a fairy tale about the Dragon the Donut, his brother Kebab, and Princess the Carrot, who opened a culinary school, combining tasty and healthy dishes in a unique cookbook. This school reconciled the inhabitants of the warring Kingdoms: the kingdom of Dragons and the Kingdom of Humans.


  • Scriptwriting

    $100 per 1 minute

  • Copywriting

     $8 per page

  • Translation & Interpretation

    Translation $8 per pageInterpretation $25 per hour

  • English lessons by movies and TV-Series

    1 hour $10


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