Spec Screenplay for the fantasy feature movie "Wish Granting Factory" 

Audience: from 7 years 

A runaway teenager, dreaming of changing some event in his past, which he believes, ruined his life, accidentally gets to the Wish Granting Factory and makes his wish fulfilled. Consequences lead to unexpected results.
The script received awards in the category of The Best Fantasy Screenplay:
● winner: Best Script Award - London, UK (2023)● quarter-finalist: Table Read My Scenarist Competition, USA (2023)● quarter-finalist: Missouri Stories Scriptwriting Fellowship, USA (2022)
How I created the story
I wrote the story about the Wish Granting Factory in 2012 when I was living in Kansas City. I was really impressed by Kansas City Public Library (which looks like a giant bookshelf), so I decided that the events of my story have to take place in this unique location. Then I got back to Ukraine and didn’t write for a while. Ten years later I entered a screenwriting school and wrote a script for an animated Christmas movie, based on this story. Hope, you will enjoy it.


In this fantasy aspect of the story, the narrator introduces a touch of magic and wish fulfillment. As Christopher yearns for freedom and the pursuit of his dreams, he stumbles upon a hidden world of enchantment. The introduction of the old man living in the library basement sets the stage for extraordinary events to unfold.

Seeking to escape the clutches of his oppressive stepfather and pursue his passion for writing, Christopher embarks on a journey that takes him to unexpected places. As he leaves the library, his search for transportation leads him to a magical horse-drawn carriage, reminiscent of his joyful childhood memories. However, this carriage possesses a unique ability to take flight, whisking Christopher away to new heights and possibilities.

The enchanted carriage lands at an empty house, providing Christopher with shelter for the night. As he explores the unfamiliar dwelling, he stumbles upon the office of the absent owner. Here, Christopher discovers a glimpse into the desires and wishes of the people in his life, including Lillian. Realizing his newfound ability to influence fate, he seizes the opportunity to alter his own circumstances and the lives of those around him.

In a daring act, Christopher edits his paperwork, hoping to reshape his reality and ensure a brighter future. Empowered by the knowledge that his actions carry consequences beyond his own existence, he becomes a catalyst for change. Christopher's encounters with the magical elements of the story emphasize the transformative nature of his journey, as he discovers that his choices have far-reaching implications.

In a pivotal moment, Christopher encounters Jacob, a character who reveals the profound impact of Christopher's actions. Jacob acknowledges the irrevocable changes Christopher has brought upon himself and everyone he has interacted with. This realization further fuels Christopher's determination to mend the broken relationships in his life and pursue a path of redemption.

Together with John, Christopher seeks help to make amends and repair the strained relationship with his stepfather. John, driven by his own desires, agrees to assist Christopher, hoping to create a new life for himself alongside Joanna. The narrative takes a remarkable turn as Christopher and John acquire a navigation system from an impounded car and set off on a helicopter journey to Jacob's mystical world.

Within Jacob's realm, Christopher gains insight into his own aspirations. He discovers that, above all, his greatest wish is to have a loving family and emulate the father figures who have influenced his life. Armed with this newfound understanding, Christopher returns to his own reality, ready to reconcile with John and apologize to Lillian.

In a heartwarming conclusion, the families come together, sharing the joyous occasion of Christmas. As they celebrate, the narrative hints at Jacob observing from a distant realm, perhaps the Factory where wishes are made manifest. This subtle nod to the fantastical element serves as a reminder that magic and the power of wishes can bring about transformative experiences, fostering love, forgiveness, and the realization of dreams.


The story is set in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri, where Christopher resides with his stepfather, John, and mother, Joanna. The town is characterized by its rural surroundings, with vast farmland and a slower pace of life. Christopher's desire to go to college in St. Louis and pursue his dream of becoming a writer contrasts with the traditional expectations of his stepfather, who wants him to work on the farm.

Kansas City features a local library with a basement that serves as a temporary hiding place for Christopher. This library represents a place of solace and refuge for Christopher, where he meets an old man who resides there. The basement is dimly lit and filled with shelves of books, creating an atmosphere of mystery and secrecy.

As Christopher embarks on his journey to St. Louis, he comes across a horse carriage reminiscent of his childhood. This carriage takes on a magical quality as it begins to fly, transporting Christopher to an empty house where he spends the night. The empty house signifies a temporary shelter and a place of transition in Christopher's life.

The following day, Christopher explores the house and stumbles upon the office of the man who lives there. This office represents a significant turning point in the story, as Christopher discovers Lillian's wishes, providing him with a unique opportunity to alter his reality. The office is filled with paperwork and personal belongings, emphasizing the man's professional life.

The story also introduces Jacob, a character who plays a pivotal role in Christopher's journey. Jacob is the worker of the Factory in a parallel world, adding an element of fantasy to the setting. The Factory, with its monitors and navigation systems, suggests an otherworldly and technologically advanced place.

The story reaches its conclusion during Christmas, a time of warmth and togetherness. The families come together, showcasing a sense of unity and harmony.

Throughout the narrative, various settings contribute to the development of the story, ranging from the rural town with its farms and library basement to the magical flying carriage, the empty house, and the mysterious Factory. These settings serve to create a backdrop for Christopher's journey of self-discovery, transformation, and the fulfillment of his wishes.


In this story, there are several key characters whose actions and motivations drive the narrative forward. Let's explore the main characters and their roles:
Christopher: Christopher is the protagonist of the story. He dreams of going to college in St. Louis and becoming a writer, but his stepfather disapproves and forces him to work on the farm. Frustrated with his situation, Christopher wishes he had never met his stepfather and decides to escape to St. Louis. Throughout his journey, Christopher displays determination and a strong desire for independence.
Lillian: Lillian is Christopher's girlfriend. While she supports his dreams, she has responsibilities at home, particularly caring for her disabled sister. Due to this commitment, Lillian hesitates to join Christopher on his escape to St. Louis. Her character highlights the conflicts and sacrifices people sometimes face when pursuing their dreams.
The Narrator: The Narrator is a crucial character who informs the audience that they are in charge of making wishes come true. The Narrator provides context and guides the story, acting as a link between the characters and the audience.
Old Man in the Basement: Christopher encounters an old man living in the basement of the library where he seeks refuge. Although their interaction is brief, the old man serves as a catalyst for Christopher's decisions. Christopher assumes that the old man will report him, leading him to leave and embark on the next stage of his journey.
Jacob: Jacob is an important character Christopher meets during his adventure. Jacob lives in a different world and possesses valuable knowledge and abilities. He reveals to Christopher that his actions have had a significant impact on the lives of others, including positive changes for those he has interacted with. Jacob helps Christopher understand the importance of relationships and the love his stepfather had for him.
John: John is Christopher's stepfather. Initially portrayed as disapproving and controlling, John's character undergoes a transformation when Christopher returns home. Christopher and Jacob seek his help, and John ultimately agrees, wanting to pursue a life with Joanna. John's change of heart demonstrates his love for Christopher and his willingness to support him.
Joanna: Joanna is Christopher's mother. A character mentioned briefly in the context of John's desires. While her role is not extensively explored, her presence symbolizes John's longing for a different life.
These characters, each with their unique motivations and conflicts, contribute to the overall development and resolution of the story. Their interactions and decisions shape the narrative and lead to moments of reconciliation, personal growth, and the fulfillment of wishes.

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